Applications Open 1 August 2024

Bullshit-Free Business Awards For Tradies.

Spotlight your business with the first ever Tradies-only business awards (because not all business awards are a wank)


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Spotlight Your Business

Tartan paint

Spirit level bubbles

A long weight

A glass hammer

A lefthanded screwdriver

6ft of fallopian tubing

A short circuit

Are You The Biggest And Best Tool In Australia?

Even if your other half has (lovingly?) given you the title, it’s not legit.


But if you want bragging rights and a new accolade for your business cards, throw your hat in the ring and enter now.

We don’t care if you wear a Bunnings, Akubra or terry towelling hat – as long as you’re a trade business, you’re eligible.

And unlike other business awards, it’s: Quick, Simple, and a dickhead-free zone.

So hats off. And may the best tool win.

Your Guide To The Bullshit-Free Business Awards For Tradies

Major Award Application

Minor Award Application

Are You Eligible To Enter
The Awards?

Do you nod to any of the
following? You’re in.


Your alarm goes off at piss early in the morning


You swing the ute past a servo or bakery to grab a coffee (sometimes iced) and a sausage roll and/or pie for brekkie (either that or a four-pack of V and a pack of Winnie Blues)


You completed an apprenticeship (thanks TAFE/trade college)


You’re a registered Australian business (ABN? Check!)


You’re good. Damn good!

Business Categories

Sole Traders

Single & ready-to-mingle

You Plus 1-4 Employees

One-to-four (and no more!)

5+ Employees

5+ hardworking (wo)men

Recent Client Stories

Through this Summit, I’m changing my thinking to reflect how I care for my clients, not how I currently show that care. Since I have the obvious advantage of being very visual and feeling based trade, I’ll make use of that to create the extraordinary moments. Thanks to the sessions I’m also committing to set up a bank system, all 10 of them at two different banks

Steve Rooney

Nic and Warrick (Waz) have a unique coaching style, their online events I found are informative and held in a relaxed manner, where you can join in the conversation, and give some feedback or just listen and take notes. The content is always relative to the problems that we encounter in our businesses, Nic and Waz are always thinking outside the box to come up with solutions to solve those problems. Jump online and check them out.

Lloyd Osbon

Why suffer in silence? When you can amazing business coaches and TIB community support your every move in business? (and I mean the old and the bad!) They are there to support you and help you become the best version of yourself and your business identity! Don’t wait as long as we did to have this in our lives…sign up now!

Cam & Emily Guest

The Summit helped me to work on a ‘financial dashboard’ and have a complete rearrangement of my finances and structures. The Summit also taught me to have a few pineapple/curious conversations with some staff members and re-evaluate how we interact with clients and what we can do to win them on-side completely.

Reece Gately

What You Can Win
And Why You Should Enter

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Winners Swag

Win an award and gain use of the 2022 Tradies in Business Awards badge, awesome swag, huge amounts of targeted exposure through our sponsors, live streamed event, podcast + more!

icon-wrapper 4

Free Marketing

Even if you don’t win, you’ll have more eyes on your brand than a high vis shirt at the high-rollers table.

icon-wrapper 6


Force yourself to sit down and take a good hard look at yourself (as well as suss out the competition).

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Street Cred

Get a stamp of approval that means almost as much as one from your mum.

icon-wrapper 6

Your Team Needs You

Boost team morale (proven to decrease absenteeism and increase productivity!)

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Pulling Power

Pitching yourself as the best of the best in your industry can bring in fresh new talent and attract higher-value clients, driving your business forward.

Roll With The Crew Behind The Tradie business Awards

Warrick Bidwell and Nicole Cox (or Waz and Nic) have been working with trade business owners for more than 10 years. Supporting them to implement the necessary steps to get ‘off the tools’ and into true business ownership.

More importantly, Waz and Nic both come from trade backgrounds themselves, so they have real-world experience in the frustrations, challenges, opportunities and stuff-ups that are the reality of what life is like for #tradiesinbusiness!

If you want Better Lifestyle, Easier Business & Less Stress? We are here to help you make the change that can point you in the right direction. Join our group to help steer you back on course and keep you on track where you should be!


Business Awards For Tradies

Entering Is Simple As

Step One

Choose your Award Category

Select which awards category fits for you and your trade business and check if you’re eligible to enter.

Step Two

Answer The QUestions

Read through and answer the questions (video, email… however suits you. This isn’t a school or a job application, we just want you to be you).

Step Three

Sent? Crack open a coldie!

All that’s left is coordinating your awards night menu, deciding on your outfit (on the top half at least!), and thinking about who to thank should you be called to the microphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you nod to any of the following, You’re in!
– You completed an apprenticeship (thanks TAFE/trade college)
– You’re a registered Australian business
– You call yourself a sparkie, brickie, chippy, dunny diver, etc – just not a desk driver
– You’re good. Damn good.

Yes, it is $50 per entry.

Select which awards categories fits for you and your trade business and check if you’re eligible to enter.

Read through and answer the questions (video, email… however suits you. This isn’t a school or a job application, we just want you to be you). Submit your entry. We will then pass it on to our judges when entries close on the 24th August.

All that’s left is to purchase your ticket to the Awards Ceremony & Gala dinner if you would like to attend, and thinking about who to thank should you be called to the microphone. If you can’t make it in person, be sure to follow us on social media as we announce the winners online on 19th October.

You can enter as many categories as you like, so long as you meet the criteria.

Yes! The Tradies in Business Excellence Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner will be an in-person event! Picture yourself mingling with fellow tradies, sharing success stories, and raising a toast to your achievements. It’s going to be an unforgettable night! It will be held on Thursday 19th October at The Oxford Scholar in Melbourne. You will receive all the information you require to purchase tickets once you submit your entry – so keep an eye on your email. Alternatively, you can contact the team on to learn more.

Congrats! Once you submit your entry, you will receive an email from us with further info. Be sure to check your junk if it doesn’t come through. Entries close on the 24th August, then we hand all the submissions over to our judges and winners will be announced at the Tradies in Business Excellence Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner on 19th October. The link to purchase tickets will be sent to you once you submit your entry.

– A 2023 Tradies in Business Awards logo (Highly Commended or Winner) to include in your collateral
– Awesome swag to celebrate your achievements
– A Press Kit (category winners and highly commended)

Please contact the team on


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