The Real Boss


The Real Boss


This award is for the unsung heroes of business.

  • They lurk in the shadows.
  • They drink a LOT of coffee.
  • They’re juggling hundreds of jobs at once – many of them out of hours.
  • Most importantly, they’re the critical behind-the-scenes people that make things happen – the wind beneath your wings. 

These peeps don’t get much glory. Perhaps it’s a partner who does the books. A cousin who helps manage your socials. Or a random off the street who brings in pies at lunchtime (jokes).

To be honest, no one really knows exactly WHAT they do. But you know that you couldn’t do without them.


To be eligible, your Real Boss must:

  • Be a volunteer or employee of the business, and
  • Have been engaging with your business in this capacity for over six months.