Award Categories

Major Awards

The Big Mumma
Company & Individual

Top Of The Trade (Best of The Best)

This award is the big one. The grand daddy (or mummy) of them all. It’s the award to end all awards, well until next year at least! This award recognises the overall winner of all the major categories regardless of your size (did someone say David and Goliath?).


Top of the Trade (Sole Trader)

This award recognises a business that is a one-person show – you’re in charge of the books, marketing, and everything else as WELL as the doing – and your business absolutely rocks the (King Gee) socks off the competition!

Minor Awards

(but still shit-hot!)


Kickass Apprentice

This award recognises an apprentice that bloody excels.

  • Maybe they do it right the first time.
  • Maybe they’re smashing their studies.
  • Or maybe just having their smiling, motivated face as part of the team was one of the best decisions you ever made.

Whatever the reason, if your apprentice shows initiative, is committed, and has more drive than a Hilux, this is their category!


The Real Boss

This award is for the unsung heroes of business.

  • They lurk in the shadows.
  • They drink a LOT of coffee.
  • They’re juggling hundreds of jobs at once – many of them out of hours.
  • Most importantly, they’re the critical behind-the-scenes people that make things happen – the wind beneath your wings. 

These peeps don’t get much glory. Perhaps it’s a partner who does the books. A cousin who helps manage your socials. Or a random off the street who brings in pies at lunchtime (jokes).

To be honest, no one really knows exactly WHAT they do. But you know that you couldn’t do without them.


Best Start-Up

This award recognises a new or start-up business that’s:
– Less than 24 months old, and
– Slaying it.

This award isn’t comparing a new business with an established one – it’s recognising the challenges of being a start-up and celebrating the wins.

It doesn’t matter if your profits are modest or huge, you’re a one-person band or a small team, or if you have five or 50 clients.

All that matters is that you’re evolving. And let’s be real – with the challenges of the past two years, any growth is phenomenal. So if this is you, throw your hat in the ring – NOW!

To be eligible, your business must:
– Be a registered, bona-fide Aussie trade business, and
– Have been trading for a maximum of two years.


Best Online Presence

This award recognises a business that has kicked some ass online. It could be via your website, blog, social media – anything that’s digital.

You don’t need to have a huge budget, be the biggest or the best in your industry, or have set the world on fire.

What we are looking for is innovative thinking, great visuals, and genuine audience engagement.

So if you’ve kicked some ass online, it’s your time to shine!

To be eligible, you must:
– Be a registered, bona-fide Aussie trade business, and
– Have launched/delivered your marketing within the last 12 months.


Industry Champion


Are you a business – or do you know a business – that champions their industry? That’s proactive within their community? Or is active with a social cause or enterprise?

These are the Buzz Lightyears of the industry, going to infinity and beyond for their clients, community, and the galaxy at large.

True philanthropists, these people don’t just stop at ‘good enough’, and they’re not after the cash rewards either (well, not solely ) – their hearts are dead-set bursting with love for their fellow humans, and they just HAVE to share it.

If that sounds like you (or someone you know), WE have to know.

Let’s shout about their industry contributions and generosity from the virtual rooftops. Drop ‘em right in it with our Industry Champion Award.


Best Mental Health

This award recognises that it’s OK to not be OK. OK?

Mental illness is a right bugger.

  • It often slips under the radar (or tries to).
  • It’s like, silent, but deadly.
  • And it’s a real ass-pain for those who suffer.

If you/your business/your employer is open about mental health, encouraging open, honest, and REAL conversations, you (or he/she) could probably do with a virtual crowd surf.

Ready? Let’s get our virtual wettie on.


Best Forward Somersault

Been in the shit? This award recognises a business that has… and successfully crawling out of it. Has your business:

  • Taken a COVID-shaped hit
  • Almost gone under, or simply
  • Refused to go down?

Your fighting spirit deserves a Braveheart-style ending (without the dying part, of course). We want to hear all about your challenges and how you fought through them (or are still fighting through them!)

So, if you have a crap-to-not-so-crap story that’s dying to be told, let us in on it.



This award recognises a boss who’s a bloody legend.

Leading people can be a thankless job. This is your opportunity to give a shoutout to those bosses who absolutely rock.

Whatever your definition of a great boss is, we want to know about it!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you nod to any of the following, You’re in!
– You completed an apprenticeship (thanks TAFE/trade college)
– You’re a registered Australian business
– You call yourself a sparkie, brickie, chippy, dunny diver, etc – just not a desk driver
– You’re good. Damn good.

Yes, it is $50 per entry.

Select which awards categories fits for you and your trade business and check if you’re eligible to enter.

Read through and answer the questions (video, email… however suits you. This isn’t a school or a job application, we just want you to be you). Submit your entry. We will then pass it on to our judges when entries close on the 24th August.

All that’s left is to purchase your ticket to the Awards Ceremony & Gala dinner if you would like to attend, and thinking about who to thank should you be called to the microphone. If you can’t make it in person, be sure to follow us on social media as we announce the winners online on 19th October.

You can enter as many categories as you like, so long as you meet the criteria.

Yes! The Tradies in Business Excellence Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner will be an in-person event! Picture yourself mingling with fellow tradies, sharing success stories, and raising a toast to your achievements. It’s going to be an unforgettable night! It will be held on Thursday 19th October at The Oxford Scholar in Melbourne. You will receive all the information you require to purchase tickets once you submit your entry – so keep an eye on your email. Alternatively, you can contact the team on to learn more.

Congrats! Once you submit your entry, you will receive an email from us with further info. Be sure to check your junk if it doesn’t come through. Entries close on the 24th August, then we hand all the submissions over to our judges and winners will be announced at the Tradies in Business Excellence Awards Ceremony & Gala Dinner on 19th October. The link to purchase tickets will be sent to you once you submit your entry.

– A 2023 Tradies in Business Awards logo (Highly Commended or Winner) to include in your collateral
– Awesome swag to celebrate your achievements
– A Press Kit (category winners and highly commended)

Please contact the team on