2023 Award Winners

Minor Awards

Kickass Apprentice

Jack Rowe from ACT Certification

Jack is a Building Surveying (Certifying) trainee with Scott & Alex from ACT Certification. Scott saw Jack’s potential and encouraged him to start this traineeship, balancing his education with on-site building inspections. Despite challenges, Jack has excelled, impressing the judges with his dedication and highlighting the importance of a trainee in a non-typical hands-on construction role.

The Real Boss

Kim Allen from CRA Construction

CRA Construction, co-founded by Kim, is a residential plastering business focusing on Wall/Ceiling Linings & Venetian Plastering in Brisbane. Kim, with no prior business experience, dived into managing the company, employees, and finding her place in a male-dominated industry, all while raising a young family. The judges were impressed by Kim’s personal development and confident decision making, which have driven the business’s success.

Bang-Up Boss

Shane Denes from Plumbstruct Industries

Shane was nominated by Plumbstruct team member Ray Michielin
The judges agreed that Shane promotes excellent professional development within the team, and from the testimony of his nominator, values great internal culture.

Best Mental Health Endorser

Base Metal Fabrication

The judges were impressed with the way BMF identified their challenges, and worked to address it holistically. What made them stand out to the judges was the initiatives they have in place. From monthly 1:1s to having mates in construction come out – all very positive!

Authentic & Inspiring Online Presence

CG Carpentry & Building

The judges loved the CG Carpentry website! They were impressed with the content strategy and targeting their main audience, and liked the chat feature on the website. They also thought their social media videos are very captivating. Well done Cam and Em!

Best Forward Somersault

Plumbstruct Industries

The judges were impressed with the way Plumbstruct were very clear in their submission about the challenges they have faced, and the demonstration of the defined changes they have put in place to make long -lasting improvements to their business.

Best Start-Up

Garage to Rooms

Looking for the next business opportunity, the Founder, Brent, helped a friend convert their garage into a nice living space for her newborn. The project was quick, profitable and the client was happy which prompted more research into the possibility of launching into this niche. GARAGE to ROOMS was born! Brent invested over $10k in the Sydney Home Show which got the name out and started the ball rolling. After only a few months and over $300k in revenue the business is now officially pumping and negotiating to expand to other states.

Industry Champion

Devo Designs Landscaping

The judges agreed that Devo Designs is really championing their industry. Using knowledge to improve the development of children through sensory gardens, and volunteering time to share advice and knowledge for free is fantastic.

Major Awards – Top of the Trade

Sole Trader

MOA Heavy Diesel Pty Ltd

MOA was founded in late 2021, and has continued to go from strength to strength in its year of operation. Ben’s passion and enthusiasm are truly unmatched in the industry. It has been unheard of for such a new, small company of one, to have the systems and structure that rivals some of its bigger competitors. The judges agreed Ben’s entry was impressive, and comprehensive, and they are really excited to see what the future holds for MOA.

One to Four - And No More

Touchwood Tree Services

Touchwood Tree Services was established in 2011. What stood out for the judges in this entry was Brendan and Amii’s commitment to continually working on themselves, as well as their business. The judges were impressed with their client retention rate, which is exceptional, with some clients being with them since they first started out 11 years ago. As well as their google reviews, of which they currently have 96 google reviews with 95 of them being 5 stars.

5+ Hardworking Wo(Men)

CRA Construction

CRA Construction, an Australian family owned plastering business, services Southeast Queensland, focusing in high end renovations and new builds in Brisbane. Founded by Chris & Kim in 2018, the business grew from their kitchen table to a warehouse with 17 full-time staff. Hiring a Supervisor this year was a significant achievement, allowing Chris to focus on client and staff relationships. Success for CRA means a happy team that prioritises family and takes pride in their work, along with profitable growth. The judges were impressed by the company’s growth and their commitment to safety and environmental actions.

Best of the Best

CRA Construction

The overall winner of the Top of the Trade categories!!